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Always Excited When UPS Delivers!

I am sitting at my desk and I can hear Brown rolling up the hill. The brakes squeal and I know he is stopping for me! It is new product and I love the days when new product comes in. This is especially exciting because I am a secret tech-head and I am getting Native Union's new order in today. I will ruthlessly tear open the package and use one of the items I should be selling. My excuse to my husband, who is shaking his head, is that I need to test the products I am selling. Reading about this new charger set is better than WIRED magazine on a rainy day. "This SMART charger set pairs Native Union's signature belt cable with a 2-port USB charger with foldable pins, for a small and compact charging solution you can carry everywhere. Thanks to Smart IC Technology, you can rest assured that your devices are charging at their maximum speed, while sophisticated protection measures ensure you can charge two devices simultaneously and safely". Oh happy day! I plug it in and charge my phone.....Yes! It works and it's fast. Now I will have to hide my new product from my teenager and my husband so they do not snag one like I did:-)

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