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Looking for gift-giving direction? Divine Goods announces new products from CHART

Looking for gift-giving direction?

Divine Goods announces new products from CHART Metalworks.

Location, Location, Location. This phrase has become synonymous with real estate choices, but the age-old truth is that location matters. Place matters. Geography matters. Our connection to locations on map matters. This is an absolute truth of CHART metalworks, one of Divine Good’s most recent vendors. CHART uses nautical and other maps to make high quality gifts that are location sensitive. Divine Goods is delighted to carry several new products from this Made in Maine company. Favorites are wine stoppers, golf tools, coasters, and bottle openers. Divine Goods currently has in stock Chattanooga products, and it is easy to customize products to any destination—lake home, wedding site, hometown.

CHART metalworks is located in Portland, Maine. Each hand cast item is US made. The company prides itself on excellent products, and Divine Goods is most impressed by the attention to detail and the willingness of the company to custom design specific locations. One item designed for Divine Goods is a two-in-one golf tool featuring the Lookout Mountain Golf Club. This is sure to be a popular Father’s Day and graduation gift. Remember, with advance notice, Divine Goods can custom order any location.

With spring comes many milestone events such as weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations. You needn’t look any further for the perfect gift than Divine Goods. Visit the website or give Adelaide Naumann a call. She is delighted to help you put together a great gift box/bag/tote for every event. Be sure and include a CHART item that personalizes your gift with a favorite location.

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