The Big, Mac Daddy Bloody

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Everything you need to make a great Bloody Mary!

In this hand crafted wooden box you will find Sister Sauce, the bespoke, made by hand, one bottle at a time in Atlanta, Georgia Bloody Mary mix. Cocktail tin of Halo Del Santo.... rim your glass and enjoy the great taste of an all-natural blend of kosher salt, fiery chile, and tart citrus. Add a couple of McEvoy Ranch Tuscan Table Olives. Meghan McCrary is knoxville’s biggest fan and graphic designer. The magnet set gives you instructions on how to make the perfect bloody mary. ROH NYC has come up with these amazing dehydrated limes and lemons. Add them to a glass of water, a cocktail, or your bloody mary. The flavor is wonderful and the shelf life even better…..3 months! Use W&P’s eco-friendly straws and add a little Tito’s Vodka and you are ready to enjoy the perfect Bloody Mary!

  • Halo Del Santo
  • McEvoy Ranch Tuscan Olives
  • Meghan McCrary Cocktail Magnets
  • ROH NYC Dehydrated Limes and Lemons
  • W&P Eco Friendly Straws
  • Tito’s
  • Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary Mix