One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

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~Hope and Mary~

2 Whiskey Glasses

From Hope - "With clay, like my house and paintings, the form is of its essence ordinary, but with features that depict the simplicity and beauty of real life. Each piece is hand made, and no two pieces are alike. They are sculptural, one-of-a-kinds – but most importantly, useful."


Copper Flask -Take your favorite spirit to go with the Copper Flask, because when you need a stiff drink, you shouldn’t have to wait.


In 2007, we re-engineered a centuries' old Scandinavian tradition of using cold stone to cool stove-hot liquids and created a new way to chill our favorite spirits without the diluting effects of ice.

Individually handcrafted in Vermont, Whisky Stones beverage cubes are enjoyed around the world as an indispensable addition to the sophisticated bar.


Whisky is measured in years, not days or weeks.  It’s this dedication to time and tradition that makes Kentucky Bourbon sit well on our toothpicks.  

Packaged in a beautiful box with a bow and a handwritten gift card