I'm Going to be a Teenage Idol

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"I'll be a teenage idol, just give me a break
I'm gonna be a teenage idol no matter how long it takes
You can't imagine what it means to me
I'm gonna grab myself a place in history
A teenage idol
That's what I'm gonna be" - Elton John

Who is your idol? Dolly, RBG, Johnny Cash? Each box is slightly different but all say the same thing....."You are my idol!" With Illuminidol's fabulous scent free candle, choose at checkout from Dolly, RBG, or Johnny Cash.

  • Dolly Illuminidol
  • You're a Doll Earrings
  • Karacotta Ceramics dish


  • RBG Illuminidol
  • Helmsie Baby Rainbow Earrings
  • Pocket RBG Book of Wisdom


  • Johnny Cash Bird Illuminidol
  • Studio Portmanteau Matches
  • Hatch Show Print Cards