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Salt of the Earth


“Let's drink to the hard working people
Let's drink to the lowly of birth
Raise your glass to the good and the evil
Let's drink to the salt of the earth” Rolling Stones

This set comes wrapped beautifully in a box with a bow and a hand written enclosure card. The perfect gift to welcome new neighbors, or as a thank you.

~Hope and Mary~

Handmade porcelain tiny bowl with hand drawn illustrations.

Olive Wood salt spoon

Each piece is hand made and unique. I use a Korean technique called mishima to create images on my pieces. Each image is hand drawn onto the surface of the clay with a needle tool. After I am finished with the drawing, I will cover the piece with black slip. Once the slip is dry, I carefully wipe away the excess slip leaving behind the drawn image.” from Hope

~Bulls Bay Saltworks~

Wood smoked our Flake salt with aged oak bourbon barrels from our friends at Bittermilk. The mild smokey aroma is balanced with a sweet finish that adds a delicate wood-fired taste to any dish.

Designed with professional and home chefs in mind, our flake salt is grown in a non-reactive container leaving no metallic aftertaste, resulting in the purest and most natural taste possible. 

Salt of the Earth