A Hoff Gift Box

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All in a beautiful kraft magnetic box with a bow and handwritten card with Hoff's Dirty Dust!
Choose three of Hoff's best and add on Hoff's Smoken Ghost for a total of four sauces all from Chattanooga's own Hoff and Pepper!
Hoff and Pepper Trio of Original BBQ Sauce,
Hoff Sauce Hot Sauce, and Hoff's Mean Green Sauce
wrapped and ready to give as a gift
With this package you will receive Hoff's Dirty Dust. 

Grab yourself a bottle of Hoff's Original BBQ Sauce, made with your everyday hot sauce! Each bottle is packed with tons of tangy, smoky flavor. Hoff's Original BBQ sauce is the ultimate accessory for your grill master. Perfect for any grilled meat or vegetable. It's not too sweet and not too hot so slather up your food with the only BBQ sauce made with Hoff Sauce!

Grab yourself a bottle of Hoff Sauce, your everyday hot sauce! Each bottle is packed with tons of tangy, smoky flavor that elevates everything you eat without being too hot. Try it on your eggs, meat, poultry, fish, pizza, casseroles, and whatever else you want to dream up

Hoff's Mean Green Sauce combines green jalapeños, parsley and lemongrass to create a sauce with an insane amount of flavor. Mean Green is a crisp, summery sauce that won’t let you down but is sure to heat you up. Heat Level : Great Taste - Ingredients: Green Jalapeno, Habanero, Vinegar, Salt, Parsley, Lemongrass, Onion, and Garlic - Suggested Pairing: Seafood, Chicken, Pastas, Pizza, and Veggies

Hoff's Smoken Ghost Sauce is deliciously smoky, has the peppery kick of ghost chiles, and is still tame enough to be YOUR EVERYDAY HOT SAUCE™. In 2016 we did a limited release of 1,000 bottles and they sold out in 6 weeks. Our fans kept asking for more so now it's back!