Black Coffee in Bed

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Black coffee in bed

Hope and Mary's beautiful hand thrown cup is perfect to hold your cold coffee cocktail.

SRSLY Chocolate - three bars - Oaxacan Espresso Chocolate, Sea Salt and Almond, and Milk and Texas Peanuts

Honey & Hank Tea Towel with a beautiful bamboo design mad with the state of Tennessee.

This coffee cocktail syrup, from Yes Cocktail Company, makes impeccable coffee cocktails. It’s ideal over desserts and ice cream or mixed into smoothies or shakes.  It’s a charming pick me up for slow mornings, late nights, and afternoon delights. It’s that conquer the world create your best life kind of buzz.  

Featuring beans sourced from Finca La Familia in El Salvador and roasted by Spearhead Coffee in Paso Robles, CA. This delectable syrup is the key to your next whiskey cocktail, vodka martini or ice cream sundae.

Choose from a loaded gift box with all of the above and a 100ml Jack Daniels to make a great coffee cocktail, Fee brothers Original Bitters, and CaroCaro slices for a garnish on that delicious cocktail.