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El Arroyo Mini Book of Signs

El Arroyo Mini Book of Signs

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Been to El Arroyo in Austin or follow on Instagram? An Austin tradition since 1975, El Arroyo is the place to go for great Tex-Mex and great times! Whatever it is, El Arroyo always has a sign up and inevitably it is funny or perfect for your mood of the day.

That's right, the El Arroyo sign now has its own MINI book! The Tex-Mex restaurant's famous marquee sign, whose black letters tell a new joke to passing motorists each day, is featured in "El Arroyo's Mini Book of Signs: Volume One." Though El Arroyo keeps its joke-writing process under wraps, representatives for the restaurant said the signs featured in the book were "generally picked based on how hard we were laughing reading." Share the love and give your friends something to laugh about!

78 signs to enjoy