Elderberry Syrup from Carmel Berry Company

Elderberry Syrup from Carmel Berry Company

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Boost your immune system before the flu season starts with this elderberry syrup that comes from California's Carmel Berry Company. The perfect add on to any care package!

Carmel Berry Company's Elderberry Syrup begins with hand harvesting the berries — right out the back door in Carmel Valley, and on small farms nearby and in the missouri. The juice is then carefully extracted, making sure to preserve all the goodness contained in those berries.  Lightly sweetened and with a dash of fresh lemon juice, this Elderberry Syrup is pure deliciousness.

Recommended Uses:

Carmel berry Company Elderberry Syrup is versatile and delicious.  It’s excellent sipped on its own, added to hot water with fresh lemon and honey, added to sparkling water for a homemade soda, or used as a unique, exquisite cocktail base.  

*A recipe page is included with the bottle.