Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

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What do you give to a new furry member of the family? This adorable food storage tin will arrive full of dog owners favorites!

Here's what comes in the tin:

~Found My Animal~

Found My Animal promotes animal adoption in a very direct way: let your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue over purchase, we support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver our simple, important message.

Choose from small to large in Magenta and Indigo

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.  Our dog leashes are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull with the ends then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durability. Fixed on the ends are our solid brass lockable carabiners designed to allow additional safety for our rescue pups big and small.

Our synthetic leashes are perfect for every day use, including rainy days.

Nothing ages more beautifully than marine-grade rope and hardware. The individually-numbered, stamped tags on each FOUND leash remind us of the uniqueness of our pets, and allow us to keep track of the number of animals we have helped so far.


~Herban Essentials~

Lavender Essential Oil is calming and healing, safe to use on dogs only.

Use the towelettes to clean your hands and kill germs after playing with, caring for, or cleaning up after your pet.

Rub a towelette over pet’s hotspots, scrapes, or skin irritations to disinfect, promote healing, and prevent licking.

Place a towelette in pet’s crate to help calm and relax in stressful situations (ie: vet visits, illness, travel).

Use towelettes to regularly clean pet’s ears.

Contains 20 Towelettes


Chalkboard bowls cleverly have FOOD scripted on one side and WATER on the opposite side. Hand-crafted stoneware, Fully compliant with FDA Regulations & Standards for human consumption, Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe

KaliedoRope toys are durable, colorful and interactive. They are designed for small to large dogs. Two knots for twice the fun, Massages teeth and gums, Helps loosen plaque and tartar, Great for owner and dog interaction.