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Three Cool Cats


"Three cool chicks, three cool chicks

Walkin' down the street swinging' their hips

splitting up a bag of potato chips

And three cool cats did three big flips for three cool chicks."

Let us work with a local wine shop to pick the perfect bottle of wine to include in your gift. This will be a wonderful holiday box.

*pricing will vary depending on wine chosen. Pricing shown below based on a bottle of wine pictured.

In this beautiful wooden box come Wine Chips. Choose from Blue Cheese, Manchego, or Smoked Gouda.

Blue Cheese Chips - designed for sauvignon blanc

Manchego Chips - designed for rosé

Smoked Gouda Chips - designed for cabernet 


Wine Chips Story:
We made Wine Chips because we love wine and we love cheese (who doesn’t?) but realized that putting the cheese IN the wine was a bad idea for both.
So one evening in 2017, over a glass of wine (ok maybe two), we wished for something simple, portable, dip-able, endlessly snack-able, cheese-ladened and delicious."

Three Cool Cats