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Pistachio Gift Bags that are almost too cute to open


From Fiddyment Farms come these amazing California grown gourmet pistachios.

The perfect holiday gift!

Order 1 pound or 2 pound bags in either green, red, or beige burlap sacks. When ordered from Divine Goods this includes a hand written tag, and shipping and handling.

*Give two weeks for large orders.

The history of Fiddyment Farms from their website

"In ancient times the Queen of Sheba controlled all of the pistachios in her realm; she used them as gifts for those who were friendly and withheld them from those who were unfriendly. Long considered a luxury, today many consider California pistachio nuts the best you can buy.

California farmers began planting pistachio trees in the 1960's. Today, over 100,000 acres of California farmland is dedicated to pistachios. As a result of progressive farming techniques, California pistachio nuts are considered some of the world's finest.

Fiddyment Farms has been in the business of growing pistachios since 1968. David Fiddyment designed an innovative hulling machine that hulls and dries his crops within minutes after harvest. This is important because pistachios spoil rapidly if not dried soon after picking. You will notice the difference right away. Fiddyment Farms pistachios are fresher, are of the highest quality, and simply taste better.

To top it off, the US FDA has announced that eating nuts, such as pistachios, may help reduce the risk of heart disease when eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Pistachios are naturally cholesterol free and a 1 ounce serving is a generous 49 nuts.

For over 30 years, Fiddyment Farms has been in operation in Roseville CA, just 20 minutes northeast of Sacramento. Fiddyment Farms has recently expanded operations by acquiring planted acreage in the vibrant Kern County agricultural region. The ranch is located east of Delano adjacent to Highway 65 and consists of 680 acres of beautiful rolling hills with pistachios and table grapes nearby. The new ranch will provide for greater production and inventory available throughout the year. Operations began in October 2004. While the farm is now located in southern California, the production and packaging work is still done in northern California in Roseville, a town just east of Sacramento."

Pistachio Gift Bags that are almost too cute to open