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Power Box UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone Charger

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Good place to put the phone away at night while sterilizing!

Complete Sterilization - with powerful UV-C lights technology, the Power Box can kill 99.9% of bacteria within 5 minutes, allowing you to disinfect your daily gadgets with ease.

The UV Power Box is certified and tested by a professional lab. Large Sterilizing Space - UV Power Box can fit it all! All smart phones, protective masks, glasses, jewelry, watches, car keys, earbuds and more.

Fast Wireless Charging - the UV Power Box has a built in 10W fast wireless charger for any Qi-enabled device. Simply place your smartphone at the bottom of the box and enjoy a fast charge.

Essential Oil Diffuser - the UV Power Box is built with an amazing aromatherapy function. Just place a few drops of your favorite essential oil into its dedicated storage space and turn your home office, bedroom or cubicle into a soothing haven of relaxation.