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Spa Sprays and Essential Oils


Keeps your workout equipment clean with the power of plants

1) 35 Yoga Mat + Equipment Spray Heading to the shower after an invigorating session is second nature to virtually every fitness enthusiast. While you’re giving your body a thorough cleansing, you shouldn’t neglect your yoga mat. Our natural yoga mat cleaner with essential oils is tough on sweat and germs yet gentle on your mat’s fabric. This spray is convenient to carry about, and it delivers a refreshing scent while being safe to use.

What’s more? Our cleaning spray is not restricted to cleaning yoga mats. You can also use it on other gym equipment to enjoy the full benefits of the cleansing and refreshing properties of essential oils. It’s time to say goodbye to cleaning your yoga mat with harsh chemicals and embrace this natural yoga mat spray.

2) 40 Hydrating Face And Body Spray Your skin will love this zingy-fresh and nourishing formula from our all-natural face and body spray. Created for your wellbeing, we mindfully chose the best essential oils with naturally uplifting properties to calm your senses.

Perfect for replenishing skin on the go, the compact bottle is ideal for popping into your bag or desk drawer at work, so you’ll never be left without hydration. Let’s take a look at our all-natural key ingredients.

Sweet marjoram essential oil is a classic ingredient for calming the mind, alleviating stress, and relieving muscle tension. Sandalwood floral water has a subtle, sweet, earthy, and exotic aroma excellent for combating dry, tired, and aging skin. An ultra-refreshing blend of spearmint oil and eucalyptus oil sinks into the skin and revives from the inside to boost energy levels.

Our body spray formula is 100% clean and pure, keeping you safe from harm and ensuring optimal skin health.

3) Think Straight Essential Oils Remedy For Focus Think Straight features peppermint, rosemary, cajeput, black pepper, and basil essential oils. These essential oils are best in nature and delicately combined for focus. They were chosen for their properties which actively combat mental burnout. 

Keep Think Straight Essential Oils Remedy handy so that if you start to get distracted, you can simply take 5 minutes to inhale some from a tissue before you get back to work. Use it as a ritual for the beginning of hard work and send a signal to your brain that it’s time to get stuff done.


Spa Sprays and Essential Oils