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Ranch Water - West Texas Highway - Ranch Water


West Texas Highway

“Now I was driving down
A West Texas highway
I saw a hitchhiker
And his thumb was pointing my way
He didn't look suspicious
And he didn't look any too clean”

Lyle Lovett

Behind every iconic drink lies a tale as opaque as a freezing cold bottle of bubbly mineral water. And Ranch Water is no different.

We will likely never know if a wild-haired 1960s rancher did indeed first concoct the drink, as local lore suggests. Nor will we know if he was inspired by the “spirit” of said drink to follow the West Texas stars and trek a lonely 50 miles from Fort Davis to Marathon before falling asleep under a piñon tree.

  • Modern Home Bar Snowflakes Rocks Glasses (2)
  • El Jimador Tequila
  • Topo Chico
  • DEHY Limes

Ranch Water Recipe                       

1 oz (2 tablespoons) tequila

0.5 oz (1 tablespoon) lime juice

Topo Chico mineral water


Fill a glass with ice. Add tequila and lime juice. Top with Topo Chico--or, to make it a West Texas roadie, mix the drink right in its glass bottle.

Ranch Water - West Texas Highway - Ranch Water