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Going Old School For Mother's Day

Divine Goods Spotify Playlist

Do you know that I name most of my gift boxes for songs. Sometimes I look at a single item in a gift box and a song pops into my head. Boom! Instant gift box name! I named the Paloma Cocktail gift box M M M My Sharona is a Paloma. Now My Sharona will be stuck in your head....sorry!

It is funny how a song hits me suddenly when I look at items. "Love Grows" by Edison Lighthouse just seemed like a great gift to receive. The Baby gift, "Athena" is named for The Who song. The "Ms. Jackson" gift is named for the Outkast song. So now you know that I constantly have music running through my head. I can pretty much put a song to anything. My husband said to me the other day, "Hey Adelaide, let's go on a walk" the song I began singing was "Walk on By". On a brighter day it might have been "Walkin' On Sunshine". If I say I am going to ride my bike I immediately hear "Bicycle" by Queen. 

Help me name some gifts with your favorite songs! Today I used Ray Lamontagne's "Lavender Sky" for a new Mother's Day gift I just added to the website. 


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