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Where was the cocktail, Ranch Water, invented?

I just got back from a trip to Austin, Texas. It was 104 degrees in Austin so by the end of the day I was looking for a watering hole with a refreshing cocktail. I landed at Ranch 616 on my first night. I had not been there in several years and now I will always put it on my list whenever I visit Austin.

The late founder of Ranch 616, Kevin Williamson, invented this concoction. As it says on the website for ranch, "The world has fallen for a humble drink invented by our late Founder, Kevin Williamson. Inspired by his childhood trips to South Texas and created right here on the corner of West 6th & Nueces -- in the heart of Austin, Texas."

Williamson, rather than mixing water into his cocktail would serve a classic margarita with Topo Chico on the side and to this day is how it is served at Ranch 616. Refreshing and cool in the summer, it is Sauza Hornitos Reposado Tequila, Patrón Citronge, and fresh lime, served with a Topo Chico on the side. It does not disappoint!

At Divine goods we have come up with our rendition of a Ranch Water Gift Box based on this iconic cocktail. We call ours the "West Texas Highway" based on Lyle Lovett's song. Click here to visit our website and see the page where you can buy this as the perfect Father's Day gift!   Ranch Water

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